Driving directions road map: Halifax - Toronto

Start city: Halifax

  1. 0.3 kmHead north on Barrington St toward Duke St
  2. 0.5 kmContinue onto Upper Water St
  3. 0.5 kmTurn right onto Barrington St
  4. 2.0 kmMerge onto Angus L. Macdonald Bridge/Macdonald Bridge via the ramp to Dartmouth
    Toll road
  5. 0.5 kmContinue onto Nantucket Ave
  6. 0.6 kmTurn left onto Victoria Rd/NS-322 N
  7. 16.4 kmTurn right onto Woodland Ave/NS-118
    Continue to follow NS-118 N
  8. 74.3 kmMerge onto NS-102
  9. 1.7 kmTake exit 15W on the left for Trans-Canada Highway/NS-104 W toward Amherst/New Brunswick
  10. 105 kmMerge onto Trans-Canada Hwy/NS-104 W
    Partial toll road
  11. 90.8 kmContinue onto Trans-Canada Hwy/NB-2 W
    Entering New Brunswick
  12. 91.1 kmKeep right at the fork to stay on Trans-Canada Hwy/NB-2 W, follow signs for New Brunswick 2 W/Trans-Canada Highway/Fredericton
  13. 0.6 kmTake exit 333 toward Sheffield/Fredericton
  14. 39.4 kmMerge onto Route 105 N/NB-105 N
  15. 5.2 kmKeep left to continue on Fredericton Bypass/NB-105 N
    Continue to follow Fredericton Bypass
  16. 6.0 kmAt the roundabout, take the 2nd exit onto NB-8 S heading to Edmundston
  17. 279 kmMerge onto Trans-Canada Hwy/NB-2 W
  18. 0.6 kmContinue onto Trans-Canada Hwy
    Entering Quebec
  19. 49.3 kmContinue onto Trans-Canada Hwy/Autoroute 85
  20. 51.2 kmContinue onto Route Transcanadienne/QC-185 N
    Continue to follow Route Transcanadienne
  21. 184 kmMerge onto Route Transcanadienne O/Autoroute 20 O
  22. 3.8 kmKeep left to stay on Route Transcanadienne O/Autoroute 20 O
  23. 212 kmKeep left to stay on Route Transcanadienne O/Autoroute 20 O, follow signs for Montréal
  24. 26.5 kmTake exit 98 to merge onto Autoroute 30 O
  25. 52.0 kmKeep left at the fork to stay on Autoroute 30 O, follow signs for Pont H.-Mercier O/Châteauguay/Pont H.-Mercier
    Partial toll road
  26. 0.4 kmTake exit 5 for Autoroute 20
  27. 29.3 kmKeep left at the fork and merge onto Autoroute 20 O
    Entering Ontario
  28. 427 kmContinue onto ON-401 W
  29. 23.3 kmKeep left at the fork to continue on Ontario 401 Express
  30. 0.4 kmTake the ON-404/Don Valley Parkway exit toward Downtown/Centre-Ville
  31. 14.4 kmKeep left at the fork, follow signs for Don Valley Parkway/Downtown/Centre-ville and merge onto Don Valley Pkwy S
  32. 0.4 kmTake the exit toward Richmond Street/Downtown
  33. 0.1 kmMerge onto Eastern Ave
  34. 2.1 kmKeep right to continue on Richmond St E
    Parts of this road may be closed at certain times or days
  35. 0.3 kmTurn right onto Bay St

Destination: Toronto

Distance calculator in miles, calculated the route between cities Halifax and Toronto, the result is equal to 1113.41 miles.

Approximate travel time between cities Halifax and Toronto is 61728 minutes, when compliance with speed limits and good road conditions.