Driving directions road map: Saint-Raymond - St. John's

Start city: Saint-Raymond

  1. 1.7 kmHead northeast on Rue Saint Cyrille toward Avenue St Michel
  2. 34.2 kmTurn right onto Grande Ligne/QC-367 S
    Continue to follow QC-367 S
  3. 0.2 kmTurn right (signs for Québec/Saint-Augustin de-Desmaures)
  4. 0.6 kmTake the ramp to Québec
  5. 10.9 kmMerge onto Autoroute 40 E
  6. 1.2 kmTake exit 305S for Autoroute Duplessis S/Autoroute 540 S toward Autoroute 20 S/Pont Pierre Laporte
  7. 2.9 kmMerge onto Autoroute Duplessis/Autoroute 540 S
  8. 4.0 kmTake exit 9 to merge onto Autoroute 73 S toward Autoroute 20/Pont Pierre Laporte/Montréal/Rivière du Loup
  9. 0.8 kmTake exit 131E on the left toward Lévis/Rivière du Loup/Autoroute 20 E
  10. 185 kmKeep left at the fork and merge onto Route Transcanadienne E/Autoroute 20 E
  11. 13.3 kmKeep right at the fork to continue on Route Transcanadienne/Autoroute 85, follow signs for Notre-Dame-du-Lac/Cabano/Dégelis/Edmundston/QC-185/New Brunswick
  12. 77.8 kmContinue onto Route Transcanadienne/QC-185 S (signs for 185)
  13. 9.4 kmContinue onto Route Transcanadienne/Autoroute 85
  14. 0.4 kmContinue onto Trans-Canada Hwy
    Entering New Brunswick
  15. 280 kmContinue onto Trans-Canada Hwy/NB-2 E
  16. 235 kmKeep right at the fork to stay on Trans-Canada Hwy/NB-2 E, follow signs for Trans Canada Highway/Saint John Moncton/NB-7/Moncton
    Entering Nova Scotia
  17. 274 kmContinue onto Trans-Canada Hwy/NS-104 E
    Partial toll road
  18. 0.1 kmAt the roundabout, take the 2nd exit onto Trans-Canada Hwy/NS-104
  19. 142 kmKeep left to continue on Trans-Canada Hwy/NS-105 E, follow signs for Trans-Canada Highway/Cheticamp/Baddeck/Sydney
  20. 177 kmTake the Trans-Canada Hwy ferry to Channel-Port aux Basques
    Entering Newfoundland and Labrador
  21. 886 kmContinue straight onto Trans-Canada Hwy/NL-1 E
  22. 15.1 kmTake exit 41A to merge onto NL-2 E toward Mount Pearl/Saint John's
  23. 0.7 kmContinue onto New Gower St

Destination: St. John's

Distance calculator in miles, calculated the route between cities Saint-Raymond and St. John's, the result is equal to 1461.30 miles.

Approximate travel time between cities Saint-Raymond and St. John's is 111916 minutes, when compliance with speed limits and good road conditions.