Driving directions road map: Whitehorse - Kelowna

Start city: Whitehorse

  1. 59 mHead west toward 4 Ave
  2. 1.0 kmTurn left at the 1st cross street onto 4 Ave
  3. 4.0 kmAt the roundabout, take the 1st exit onto S Access Rd/Robert Service Way
    Continue to follow Robert Service Way
  4. 411 kmTurn left onto YT-2 S/Yukon 1 E
    Continue to follow Yukon 1 E
    Passing through British Columbia
    Entering Yukon Territory
  5. 566 kmTurn right onto Dease Lake Hwy/YT-37 S (signs for Yukon 37 S)
    Continue to follow Dease Lake Hwy
    Entering British Columbia
  6. 156 kmTurn left onto BC-37 S
  7. 477 kmTurn left onto BC-16 E (signs for Prince George/Trans Canada Highway)
  8. 1.2 kmTurn right onto Ferry Ave
  9. 0.4 kmTurn left onto the ramp to Quesnel
  10. 118 kmMerge onto Cariboo Hwy/BC-97 S
  11. 105 kmTurn left onto Cariboo Hwy/Carson Ave/BC-97 S (signs for West Quesnel)
    Continue to follow Cariboo Hwy/BC-97 S
  12. 1.4 kmTurn left onto Westcoast Rd
  13. 3.7 kmContinue onto W Coast Rd
  14. 6.6 kmTurn right onto Mountain House Rd
  15. 7.1 kmTurn right onto Likely Rd
  16. 4.5 kmTurn right to stay on Likely Rd
  17. 188 kmTurn left onto BC-97 S
  18. 4.1 kmContinue onto Trans-Canada Hwy/BC-1 W/BC-97C (signs for Trans-Canada Highway)
  19. 63.0 kmTurn left onto Highland Valley Rd/BC-97C (signs for Ashcroft/Logan lake/Merritt)
    Continue to follow BC-97C
  20. 47.3 kmTurn right onto Mamit Lake Rd/BC-97C (signs for Merritt)
    Continue to follow BC-97C
  21. 26.9 kmContinue onto Nicola Ave/Princeton-Kamloops Hwy/BC-5A
    Continue to follow Princeton-Kamloops Hwy/BC-5A
  22. 81.3 kmContinue onto BC-97C
  23. 17.7 kmTake the exit on the left onto Okanagan Hwy/BC-97 N toward Westbank/Kelowna/Vernon
  24. 0.4 kmTurn left onto Abbott St
  25. 0.1 kmTurn left onto Mill St
  26. 57 mTurn right onto Queensway
  27. 0.1 kmAt the roundabout, take the 3rd exit onto Water St

Destination: Kelowna

Distance calculator in miles, calculated the route between cities Whitehorse and Kelowna, the result is equal to 1424.77 miles.

Approximate travel time between cities Whitehorse and Kelowna is 101738 minutes, when compliance with speed limits and good road conditions.