Driving directions road map: Winnipeg - Whitehorse

Start city: Winnipeg

  1. 0.4 kmHead south on Main St/Rte 52 S toward William Stephenson Way/Rte 57 E
  2. 1.4 kmTurn right onto St Mary Ave
  3. 19.1 kmTurn left onto Portage Ave/Rte 85 W
    Continue to follow Portage Ave
  4. 79.3 kmKeep right to continue on Trans-Canada Hwy/MB-1 W
  5. 116 kmTurn right onto Yellowhead Hwy/MB-16 W (signs for Trans Canada Highway/Saskatoon/Neepawa/Yellow Head Highway)
  6. 6.2 kmTurn right onto MB-10 N/MB-16 W (signs for Trans Canada Highway/Saskatoon/Dauphin/Russell/Yellowhead HIghway W)
  7. 143 kmTurn left onto MB-16 W (signs for Trans-Canada Highway/Saskatoon/Yellowhead Highway W)
  8. 84.9 kmContinue onto SK-16 W
    Entering Saskatchewan
  9. 1.6 kmContinue onto SK-10 W
  10. 0.8 kmTurn right onto Gladstone Ave S
  11. 49 mTurn left at King St W
  12. 1.2 kmAt the roundabout, take the 1st exit onto Gladstone Ave S
  13. 2.0 kmTurn left onto SK-16A W
  14. 94 mSlight right onto Sully Ave/SK-16A W
  15. 162 kmTurn left at the 1st cross street onto SK-16 W (signs for Trans Canada Highway/Saskatoon)
  16. 5.2 kmTurn right onto SK-16 W/SK-6 N (signs for Trans-Canada Highway/Malfort/Saskatoon)
  17. 149 kmTurn left onto SK-16 W (signs for Trans-Canada Highway/Saskatoon)
  18. 0.7 kmTake the Trans Canada Highway W/Circle Drive/SK-16 W ramp
  19. 10.5 kmMerge onto Cir Dr E/Circle Dr/Yellowhead Hwy/SK-16 W
  20. 0.4 kmTurn right onto the SK-11 N/SK-16 W/Trans Canada Highway/SK-12 N/Idylwyld Dri ramp
  21. 1.9 kmMerge onto SK-11 N/SK-12 N/SK-16 W
  22. 129 kmSlight left onto SK-16 W (signs for Transcanada Highway/The Battlefords/Yellowhead Highway W)
  23. 4.0 kmSlight left onto SK-16 W/SK-40 W (signs for Battleford/Lloydminster/Cut Knife/SK-4 S/Swift Current/SK-29 S/Wilkie)
  24. 135 kmKeep right to continue on Trans-Canada Hwy/SK-16 W, follow signs for Lloydminster/Trans Canada Highway/Yellowhead Highway W
    Continue to follow SK-16 W
  25. 235 kmContinue onto AB-16
    Entering Alberta
  26. 14.3 kmTake the exit onto AB-216 N
  27. 1.4 kmTake exit 39 for Alberta 28 N toward Fort McMurray/Cold Lake
  28. 7.4 kmMerge onto AB-28 N
  29. 9.0 kmTurn left onto AB-37 W (signs for Onoway)
  30. 42.2 kmKeep left to stay on AB-37 W, follow signs for Onoway/Saint Albert
  31. 382 kmTurn right onto AB-43 N
  32. 3.2 kmKeep left to continue on AB-43X
  33. 9.6 kmTurn right onto Range Rd 63
  34. 44.7 kmTurn left onto AB-672 W
  35. 34.7 kmTurn right onto AB-43 W
    Entering British Columbia
  36. 37.0 kmContinue onto Hwy 2 N
  37. 0.2 kmTurn left onto Service Rd
  38. 8.1 kmContinue onto Adams Rd/Dangerous Goods Rte
    Continue to follow Dangerous Goods Rte
  39. 950 kmTurn left onto BC-97 N
    Passing through Yukon Territory
    Entering British Columbia
  40. 445 kmContinue onto Yukon 1 W
    Entering Yukon Territory
  41. 4.1 kmTurn right onto S Access Rd/Robert Service Way
    Continue to follow Robert Service Way
  42. 80 mAt the roundabout, take the 3rd exit
  43. 1.0 kmContinue onto 4 Ave
  44. 59 mTurn right
    Destination will be on the left

Destination: Whitehorse

Distance calculator in miles, calculated the route between cities Winnipeg and Whitehorse, the result is equal to 2040.67 miles.

Approximate travel time between cities Winnipeg and Whitehorse is 130504 minutes, when compliance with speed limits and good road conditions.