Flight from The Pas, MB to Winkler, MB, Canada

Time to flight: 41 min

Air distance: 350.93 mi (564.77 km)

Flight time from The Pas to Winkler equals 41 minutes . This is approximate direct flying time, and include average plane speed 510 miles per hour. Total flight distance between The Pas, MB and Winkler, MB is about three hundred and fifty-one miles or five hundred and sixty-five km. Real time can be different, and depends on the time of day, type of aircraft, and transplants during the flight.

Flying map between The Pas, MB and Winkler, MB


How long does it take to fly to Winkler from The Pas?

Flying time is about 41 minutes

How to calculate flight duration?

Select arrival and departure cities, current are The Pas, MB and MB

How long is flight from The Pas to Winkler?

This flight will take about forty-one minutes ;

How to get to Winkler from The Pas?

You can buy ticket to plane or drive by car, check road distance between The Pas and Winkler

Compare flying times

Aircraft Cruising speed Time
Average 510 mph 41 min
Boeing 737 515 mph 40 min
Boeing 777 554 mph 38 min
Airbus 515 mph 40 min

Dont forget to add time in airport before and after flight.

The Pas, MB

Country Canada
Province/Territory Manitoba
City The Pas, MB
Latitude 53.82509
Longitude -101.25413

Winkler, MB

Country Canada
Province/Territory Manitoba
City Winkler, MB
Latitude 49.1817
Longitude -97.94104

Please note: current air time calculator show approximate distance and time between cities The Pas, MB and Winkler, MB. This values can be different if you flight from airports in this cities. Exact time can be calculated only when you buy ticket to the plane. We do not guarantee that there is an airline that connects cities The Pas and Winkler. To check if there is such a flight use the ticket purchase service.